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13 days and counting… oooOo….

I don’t know about you, but Halloween kind of creeped up on me this year. I’m usually the one foraging through the Halloween decor section the moment Target or Michaels or the Dollar Store has them up. I could go on my lunch hour, and then again after work and spend hours—yes, hours—eyeing everything up and weighing my options.

This year, since I’m so late in the game, I thought I’d share a few ideas I collected last year and never got around to sharing. Actually, I never intended on sharing them. I was just hoarding them and keeping them all to myself—Muahaha!—because that’s quicker than sharing them here with you, my two readers (hi mom. hi sister.) But alas, here are oodles of awesome ideas, sans links or credits (eek) because I was never planning to share them! See? I’m so nice to change my mind.

Isn’t creepy black and white Halloween decor the best?




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One of my favorite go-to-for-inspiration blogs, Maggie Rose, is having a fabulous giveaway!!! If you want to try your hand at winning this amazing, timeless classic of a dress from Shabby Apple, you best get over to her blog STAT!

chic chick


It’s the perfect amount of classic and retro. It’s slimming. AND, wait for it…it has girly ruffles to make your boobins look bigger. ‘Nuf said? Yeap.

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“Most people keep things because they believe they will come in useful one day, but in fact the stagnant energy that collects around unused things causes stagnation in the life of whoever owns them. So instead of being an asset, clutter is in fact a liability. That’s why people who have clutter are always stuck in their lives in some way.” Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston

Well, shit. I always thought keeping things to recycle or reuse was a good thing. So, internet, what ideas do you have for this problemo?

How about this handy light switch thingamajig?

This thing, I’ll call it a rack, was designed by Paul Koh, and could be used in many clever ways. Or, well, the ways are a bit obvious, but it could be used in many places. You could use it in the garage and hang your snow shovel on it. You could hang licorice ropes in it in case your in need of a sugar fix and are on your way out the door. You could keep mail there, like shown. Honestly though, I’m pretty sure that I would leave my mail there for weeks then. So that may not be the best use. But surely there are many more ways to use this little bugger. I personally think the little knobs are too manly and look like screws almost, but I bet one could easily swop those out for a cute little knob.

Like one of these beauties from Anthropology:

Or perhaps something more sleek to match, like this guy from Bed, Bath and Beyond:

I’ll be diving further into the world of organizing later I’m sure. I’m the one you see on lunch breaks sneaking off to the Container Store just for a quick look. What a dork! Or, should I say knob?

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Just so you know, hosting Thanksgiving after being in your house for only two weeks—while also repainting your kitchen cabinets and shelves—and getting a brand new stove installed just a few hours before Turkeyday is a most ridiculous idea. Oops!

Who would’ve thought?

Alas, after months of searching high and low for our first home, four weeks of painting kitchen cabinets, and one thrifty but successful Thanksgiving dinner, we are finally getting settled into our new nest! I have heaps of magazines with folded corners and tabs. My bookmarks are overflowing. My mind is spinning with ideas! So, lets start with a few things that are simply lovely, and see where we land.

I found some of the prettiest floral wall decor patterns and fabrics over at MissPrint in the UK. That’s a bit far away, and though it would add some weight to my carbon footprint, these may be too lovely to pass up! MissPrint’s modern selection of punchy colors and floral patterns have me thinking “if I biked to work in the MN snow instead of driving…” followed by “wallpapering wouldn’t be too tough, right?” Just one wall, or just one bookshelf?

The impatient side of me (aka. the dominant side) is telling me these gorgeous stick-on flowers and patterns, also from MissPrint,  might serve as a better option.

Are these the best or what?!? If you’re not loving those, and you like something a little more multi-colored, here is another wall decal from designyourwall that I simply LOVE!

I. Must. Have.

I’ll likely have to sneak this girly arrangement past the mister very carefully…

Luckily sneakiness is my other favorite craft. *wink*

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