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Just so you know, hosting Thanksgiving after being in your house for only two weeks—while also repainting your kitchen cabinets and shelves—and getting a brand new stove installed just a few hours before Turkeyday is a most ridiculous idea. Oops!

Who would’ve thought?

Alas, after months of searching high and low for our first home, four weeks of painting kitchen cabinets, and one thrifty but successful Thanksgiving dinner, we are finally getting settled into our new nest! I have heaps of magazines with folded corners and tabs. My bookmarks are overflowing. My mind is spinning with ideas! So, lets start with a few things that are simply lovely, and see where we land.

I found some of the prettiest floral wall decor patterns and fabrics over at MissPrint in the UK. That’s a bit far away, and though it would add some weight to my carbon footprint, these may be too lovely to pass up! MissPrint’s modern selection of punchy colors and floral patterns have me thinking “if I biked to work in the MN snow instead of driving…” followed by “wallpapering wouldn’t be too tough, right?” Just one wall, or just one bookshelf?

The impatient side of me (aka. the dominant side) is telling me these gorgeous stick-on flowers and patterns, also from MissPrint,  might serve as a better option.

Are these the best or what?!? If you’re not loving those, and you like something a little more multi-colored, here is another wall decal from designyourwall that I simply LOVE!

I. Must. Have.

I’ll likely have to sneak this girly arrangement past the mister very carefully…

Luckily sneakiness is my other favorite craft. *wink*


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